Hair Care Tips

Maintaining your braid wig is very important in ensuring the wig lasts you for a very long time. Braid wigs are fairly low maintenance, keeping it in good shape is very easy. 

Firstly, we recommend investing in a mannequin head to place your braid wig on, this ensures the braid strands are intact and in shape, reduces the risk of tangling and ensure air is properly ventilated around the wig. 

To ensure compact packaging, braid wigs are nicely folded in two. Upon receiving your unit, gently finger comb through the braid strands to straighten back into normal.

Due to air tight packaging in multiple bags and a transit period of about 5-7 business days, heat generated from the packaging materials can sometimes result in unwanted odour. We recommended to air/sun dry for some hours if you experience this.

Shampoo and Conditioning: Prepare a bowl of lukewarm water and mix your choice of shampoo. Dip your braid wig into the mixture, carefully wash the braid strands. Please note, rigorous washing is NOT requires as it might damage the unit. Condition the unit with your choice of conditioner, then rinse out. Do not towel dry.

Instead, allow to air/sun dry properly before placing back on the mannequin head. Apply your choice of air mousse for shine. We recommend washing your unit once every 3-6 months, depending on how often you use it.

DON’TS: We do not recommend excessive heat on braid wig as it can damage the unit. Braid wigs cannot be coloured as it is made with synthetic kanekalon braiding extensions. The human hair lace closure bit can be colored but not recommenced because the chemical process weaken the roots of the wig resulting in gradual damage of the unit.

We are here for you; Email if you have any further questions on how to care for your wig.