New to Braided Wigs? Read This

February 14, 2023

Braided wigs

There is a good chance you've probably had your hair braided at some point or perhaps do it on a regular basis, but if not, that is completely fine. The aim of this post is to provide some guidance and suggestions in the selection braid wigs appropriate for first time wearers.  

The biggest factor to consider when purchasing a braid wig is the weight. Unlike regular human or synthetic wigs, braided wigs have some weight to it because it involves the manipulation of hair strands using braiding extensions to give the desired braided style. However, it is important to note that the weight of a braid wig is completely dependent on the style. Whilst braid styles like micro twists and micro braids are lightweight wigs suitable for beginners, bold box braids styles and chunky twists has more weight to them.

Our micro senegalese twists are the lightest braid wig there is, because practically only a few strands of hair are taken at a time to produce the twists. These wigs are lightweight regardless of the length, you could be wearing a 30 inches unit and not feel like you have a wig on. Micro twists are our first recommendation if you want to purchase a braid wig and lightweight is your top priority. Approximately, short length wigs of 12-24” weighs about 300-400g and long lengths of 28-40” about 400-500g which are perfect weights for first timers to get accustomed to the concept, weight and texture of braided wigs.

Customer wearing 2x4" lace closure micro senegalese twists in color 2, 28 inches.braided wigs

Beautifully rocking our Lace Front Micro Senegalese Twists in color 1b/blue ombre, 30 inches.
lace front braid wig
Full lace gives the most flexibility for styling your wigs different ways, like our customer here wearing her Full Lace Micro Senegalese Twists, color 1, 30 inches half bun up.
The second recommended style is the micro box braids wigs. These wigs are also lightweight, although it has a little more weight compared to the micro twists with long lengths of 28-40” weighing within the range of 800-1kg and shorter lengths of 24” below about 400-700g. Micro box braids are glamours braids hairstyles. As a wig, it would save you countless of hours in the salon. It is one of our bestseller units since 2020, one of the reasons for that is probably because you may not find any hair stylists in the western world willing to do these styles as they are micro tiny and enormously time consuming. It takes our stylists weeks to complete just one micro braid/twists wig hence the long processing time but we guarantee that these wigs will last you for yearrrss.
Customer wearing Micro Needle Box Braids in color 1b. 
micro box braids wig
Full lace gives the most flexibility for styling your wigs different ways, like our customer here wearing her Needle Box Braids color 1, 14 inches in a low bun. 
box braids hair styles
Customer rocking her Micro Box Braids in color 4 and 30 blend.
african braids styles

Micro braids and micro senegalese twists are a great choice to start with for beginners because they are lightweight, easy to wear, low maintenance and can be worn comfortably all day long. As you get accustomed to wearing braided wigs, we implore you to explore other styles like knotless braids, cornrow braids, medium box braids and Locs. Although, these styles can also be your first option if you prefer, but just bear in mind that depending on the length, density and thickness of the braids or twists, it may have a little more weight to it compared to the micro units.

Nonetheless, our units are custom made to order which means we are able to customise your braid wig to your specific requirements such as length, color, density and thickness regardless of the style you choose. Additionally, we ensure that all our braided wigs are made to a density that can be worn comfortably all day. So, whether you are new to braided wigs or a seasoned braid wig wearer, you can be sure our wigs will serve you comfortably all day long for years. If you’d like to discuss your braided wig custom preference, please chat with us or send us an email at

As always, Be Unique.

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