Why Braided Wigs are the Best Option? Astonishing Difference Between Braided Wigs and Natural Hair Braids

February 15, 2023

Why Braided Wigs are the Best Option? Astonishing Difference Between Braided Wigs and Natural Hair Braids

Braided wigs have been on trend for almost a decade now. It became such a hit among ladies around the world. But why? Well, we can’t argue with the convenience it offers, it’s durability - can be worn for years, as well as the cost saving and time efficiency factors. These characteristics triumphs over getting your natural hair braided.

If you’ve ever had your hair braided by a stylist, you would know it takes around 3-7 hours to make depending on style. This typically cost within the range of $150 - $600, also depending on style, length, density and thickness of the braids. Bear in mind that these braids can only be worn for about eight weeks if properly maintained, much less with little to no maintenance as braids begin to look frizzy, hair undergrowth sprout up and braids at the edges begin to lift or pull out, then you know it is time to take them out.  

However, with a braided wig, only a few minutes is spent on installation and requires no stylist expertise except personally desired. This saves you hours in salon and possibly discomfort that comes with hair braiding. The cost of a customised braid wig is around $120 - $400, which is significantly cheaper to getting your hair braided. This not only save you money, it makes your money work for you because of the years worth of use that would be gotten out of it.

Another big advantage to braided wig is the luxury of having the complete look of a braided hair whenever needed and can be removed at the end of the day for a good night rest. This factor is the real deal for most people because it gives total freedom to switch up styles as desired instead of being tired down to one look for weeks and also the ease and convenience of sleeping light headed. Additionally, your hair and edges stay nice, intact and protected under a braided wig compared to the tugs and pulls ordeals your natural hair go through in the name of braiding your hair.

One of the beauty of braids is the defined lines it creates, especially with box braids. Admittedly, these lines do looks beautiful on natural hair but as time passes, with hair undergrowth these lines fade and looks rough on the scalp. Braided wigs however, the defined lines stays intact, no hair undergrowth, no braid lifting or drop off. This makes it looks like you've just braided your hair each time you put on your braid wig. Picture below shows braided hair in 8 weeks and our display braid wig that was made 5 months ago. The difference is clear. 

braided wig

If you own a braid wig, I’m sure you already know the benefits it offers. If you are still sitting on the fence on this one, we recommend giving it a try, you will not regret it (if purchased from us).

It makes our work incredibly rewarding when we receive positive reviews and feedbacks from our customers. Below we share a few feedbacks from customers on how long they have worn their wig. Two customers below have had their braided wig for almost 4 years now, "my braids are still very beautiful" one stated. The value you get from just once purchase is immeasurable, in addition to that, braided wigs are cost efficient, time saving, convenient and stress free factors, no wonder the sale has soared over the past few years.

braided wigs reviews

On a side note, please be weary of cheap, low quality braid wigs out there. These wigs are sub-standard, majorly mass produced in factory somewhere by inexperienced or unskilled braiders. Value for your money will not be derived from purchase of such wigs. 

At UniqueBraidedWigs, quality is a priority to us. We do not mass produce our wigs, each wig is carefully handcrafted and quality checked before dispatch to customers. It is important to note that the beauty of a braid wig and the qualities it offers is dependant on the quality of the braid wig.

Our wigs are handmade by West African specialist braiders that are vastly experienced and skilled in the production of high-quality braided wigs that are tightly and neatly crafted, cleanly finished to tips with no fray hairs and processed to the high standards.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via online chat or email us at hello@uniquebraidedwigs.com, we are also available on social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook and TikTok - @uniquebraidedwigs.

As always, Be Unique.

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